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Never Enough Wool


September 2016

Some people mark the end of summer by the start of the Exhibition.  Here at the shop, we mark it by doing inventory.  Barb and Carol have touched every single ball of wool and every single pattern and doodad, and they were very pleasantly surprised to find some treasures in the back.

First, they discovered some messenger bags, which make great project bags.  There are pockets galore to hold all your necessities.  These are $25 each, and would make a fabulous holiday gift …

Also found in the back room was a shipment of Jawoll sock yarn from Lang in six new colours.  These all come with reinforcing thread for the heels and toes, so they will last just that little bit longer.  Carol and Barb are both trying not to take one of each colour home.

The UPS driver was nice enough to deliver the promised Berocco Gingko as well – this is a 52/48 silk/wool blend for which we have been waiting with bated breath.  Putting this on the shelf was as delicious as eating half-melted chocolate.  Be sure to check out the lovely colours!

The arrival of our Gingko reminds us that THAT holiday is rapidly approaching.  Have you started planning your projects?  There is no time like the present, and to help you along we are listing our fall roster of classes.

The Knitter’s Fair, hosted by the Kitchener/Waterloo Knitter’s Guild, will be taking place on Saturday, September 10.  As a reminder – this will be an official “Say Hi to Doug” Day, so no help can be offered for Saturday knitting.

What’s on our needles?  Barb is working on her Hitofude cardigan as well as colour-work with the beautiful Folio.  Carol is making a Henley sweater from Cabin Fever with a self-patterning Loyal and finishing up a Baby Surprise Jacket.

Happy knitting and crocheting!


We attempt to keep our class fees at the lowest possible rates.  In order to do so, we ask that our students purchase their supplies here at the shop.  In addition, we offer class discounts to our students.  Please note that if you are not able to finish your project in the allotted time, you are welcome to continue attending the lesson times until you are finished.  

You must register for your class before class time.  Class times are generally Tuesday afternoon from 1-3:00 pm and Tuesday evening 7-9:00 pm.  Other times may be arranged to suit, but we will strive to hold classes primarily on Tuesdays.   Drop-in knitters are always welcome, space allowing. 

September Knit – Hitofude – (by Hiroko Fukatsu).  This lace cardigan has been consistently one of the top 20 picks on Ravelry, so we have decided to join the fun.  As an added bonus, this cardigan has very few seams!  We will start on Tuesday, September 6 in either the afternoon or evening time slots.  Cost:  $25 plus materials.  

October Knit Class – Colour Work!  We will be knitting a top-down sweater with a multi-colour pattern included.  The good news – top down means little to no sewing!  We promise that the colour design will be easily handled by everyone.  We will start on Tuesday, October 4.  Cost:  $25 plus materials.

Knit-A-Long – Join the fun as we create our own A Bit of Iceland, designed by Stephen West.  He has become one of our favourite designers, and his afghans are always beautiful.  We will be working on this as a group, but not as a class, so do not be shy about joining in!

Continuing Events:

Sit ‘n Stitch:  Every Wednesday afternoon, from 1 until 3.  Bring your latest project and join us for some stitching, questions answered, tea, and lots of laughter.  Everyone is welcome!  

Saturday Stitching:  Every Saturday, from 2 until 4.  What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than with friends both new and old, some handwork, and some tea?  

Knitting Night:  Every Thursday, from 7 until 9.  Although it’s called Knitting Night, crocheters are encouraged and welcomed.  There is plenty of friendship, tea, and yummy goodies for all.